Eighty people and a residential complex were evacuated after flooding in Skewen

Dozens spent the night in temporary accommodation after “at least eight streets” suddenly flooded on the afternoon of Thursday 21st January 2021 .

Authorities say that it is too early to tell how it happened but it is understood that they are looking that it might have been caused by a “burst mineshaft”.

Skewen has had problems in the past with disused mine workings. There area has many historic shallow coal mine workings. There were a number of collieries around the village and nearby drift mines. There have previously been problems on Ormes Road when the surface dropped half a metre which were blamed on abandoned mine workings.

The area flooded on Thursday at Goshen Park is not far from Ormes Road and the colour of the water and slurry that flooded through the area has led to speculation it had built up under pressure in disused mine workings littered with rusting iron materials before bursting out.

Jeremy Miles MS said that early indications were that it “may involve disused mine workings”.

This map from the Coal Authority shows, with black hatching, the areas it classes as ‘development high risk areas’ because of past shallow mine coal workings.

Map of the area

Skewen Flood Police Car Flood

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Good morning

At Wales & West Utilities we look after the pipes that keep the gas flowing to heat homes and power businesses. With the clean up after flooding in Skewen starting, I wanted to update you on the steps we’ll be taking to get the gas flowing again to affected homes.

From today (28/1/21) we are asking people who can return to their home (currently all affected streets with the exception of Goshen Park and Sunnyland Crescent) to call us so we can arrange to meet them at their home to confirm the work we need to do to turn their gas safely back on.

Depending on the conditions in their home, we may be able to turn the gas supply and their appliances back on immediately. If not, we will help residents make the arrangements to repair their gas meter and gas appliances, before turning the gas supply back on safely.

Once the Coal Authority have made access to Goshen Park and Sunnyland Crescent safe, we will take similar steps to turn gas supplies back on to those streets too.

When our engineers visit homes, they will be taking precautions to protect against Covid-19 Coronavirus, including washing their hands, wearing face covering and eye protection, and socially distancing as far as possible.

We are sharing this information on our website https://wwutilities.co.uk/skewen/, on social media, and in the press. Additionally, we are working with Neath Port Talbot Council colleagues to share this information. However, to make sure as many local people as possible see it, we would really appreciate if you could also use it on your social media too. Please find suggested Twitter and Facebook posts below.



If your home has been affected by #flooding in #Skewen @NPTCouncil, here’s the latest from gas network @wwutilities on how they’ll get your gas flowing again safely ? https://wwutilities.co.uk/skewen/


If your home has been affected by flooding in #Skewen, here’s the latest from gas network Wales & West Utilities on how they’ll get your gas flowing again safely.

This is what you need to know ? https://wwutilities.co.uk/skewen/

I hope you find this information helpful, but if you have any questions or queries, please reply to this email or call me on 07890 629500.

I want to reassure you that our team will be doing everything we can to support the community in Skewen at this challenging time.

Best wishes

Reece Emmitt

External Relations Manager

Wales & West Utilities

Mobile: 07890 629500




The Coal Mining charity CISWO want to emphasise that any retired mineworker or mineworkers’ widow affected by the floods, may approach the Charity, or be signposted to them with their consent, in order that the Charity may look into potential financial and any other practical form of intervention to assist them in reinstating their natural home environment.

Please contact Andrew Morse on 01443 485233 for further information on Coal Mining financial help.                           The Website Address is www.ciswo.org.uk



Funding is available for those effected in the flooding in Skewen. Contact NPTCBC for more information VIA THIS LINK to Register your interest.

Contact NPTCBC, VIA THIS LINK for Donations of Furniture, Clothes & White Goods or Telephone 01639 686868

To Donate Food, Drinks, Cleaning Equipment/Fluids, Toiletries, Wellies, Brushes etc..Contact Skewen Salvation Army on 01792 324376 or drop them off at The Salvation Army, Bethlehem Road, Skewen, Neath SA10 6AW.

To Donate Funds to the Skewen Flood Disaster.  The Skewen Salvation Army are taking all monetary donations VIA THIS LINK.

To Donate your Time to the Clean Up and receive regular updates…Please Join the Skewen Flood Help Group on Facebook.