Hall Hire Booking Form

Important Fire Safety Information

Memorial Hall and Carnegie Hall
Under the Fire Safety Regulations a building must have a nominated “Appointed Person(s)” whenever the building is in use. You will be aware that the building you are hiring a room in, is not manned by Coedffranc Town Council staff at all times.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of every Group/Club/Organisation/Party etc using the hall to nominate an “Appointed Person(s)” to take charge in the event of an emergency.

It will be the responsibility of the Nominated Person(s) to identify all the emergency exits, the quickest routes in the event of an emergency, the location of fire extinguishers and the meeting point a safe distance away from the building in the event of an evacuation.  It is then the responsibility of the Nominated Person(s) to inform every person in their party using the hall of this information. Please note that NO PERSONS are allowed upstairs in Carnegie Hall.

In the event of an Emergency it will be the responsibility of the Nominated Person(s) to ensure that everyone in their party is evacuated from the building and to carry out a search (if safe to do so).  The Hirer must carry out a Roll Call to ensure that all persons are accounted for. In the Memorial Hall, it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that procedures are in place to be able to evacuate any persons who have mobility issues or are in a wheelchair, from the main hall, bearing in mind that the Lift will not be able to be used in a Fire situation.

Additionally, it is the responsibility of the Nominated Person(s) contact the Emergency Services by ringing 999.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should any person(s) put themselves in any danger trying to fight the fire.  The first priority is to ensure the building is evacuated and raise the alarm.  Then only IF IT IS SAFE TO DO SO use the fire extinguishers to fight the fire.


1.  All applications for hire of either building must be made at least seven days in advance, must be made in writing, and must be accompanied by payment of the relevant amount.

Applications must be made to the Town Clerk at The Memorial Hall, Skewen Memorial Park, Off Wern Road, Skewen  (Tel. 01792 – 817754) and an official receipt will be issued in acknowledgement of payment.  Such receipt will stand as confirmation of the booking.  An Acknowledgement of Fire Safety Regulations form must be signed before the booking can be accepted.

2.  The hirer shall not use the halls or any parts thereof for any public performance of any dramatic or musical work or lecture or address which is copyright without the consent of the owner of the copyright and the hirer agrees to indemnify the Town Council and its officers against any claims, actions and demands which may be made against them for any infringement or breach of copyright.

3.  No hiring of the hall shall be binding unless the full fee is paid within seven days of application and an official receipt is received or notification of waiver of part waiver of charge is made by the Town Council.  In the event of postponement or cancellation of any date,7 days clear notice must be given to the Clerk failing which the hirer will be liable for the full charge.

4.  When applying for use of halls, times of start and finish must be stated.

5.  The persons applying for the use of the hall will be held responsible for the good behaviour of their clients and any unseemly conduct will not be tolerated and the caretaker is empowered to stop any function proceeding which in his/her opinion is undesirable.

6.  It will be the duty of the hirer to make arrangements in conjunction with the caretaker for the placing of chairs and other furniture where required.

7.  No intoxicating liquors are allowed to be sold supplied or consumed at the halls or any rooms therein, unless special permission is sought from the Council.

8.  The hirer of the hall must ensure that persons leave the hall as quickly as possible after the termination of their period of hiring.

9.  The hirer is held responsible for any damage to the hall and any property or furniture therein during or arising out of his occupancy of the same.

10. The Council, its officers or caretaker will not in any circumstances be responsible for any damage, injury or of loss of goods or property brought to the hall by the hirer or persons attending any function therein.

11. The Council will not be responsible for any accident, injury or damage to the hirer or any person or persons who may be with the knowledge or consent of the hirer using the premises including loss of or damage of wearing apparel during the period of the hiring, nor will the Council accept any responsibility for the repayment of any claims which may be made in connection with or consequent upon any such loss, injury, accident or damage aforesaid.

12. Persons when applying for the use of the hall must state the purpose for which they wish to use same and they shall not be at liberty to assign or sub-let the hall or any part thereof.

13. Nothing shall be done or brought into the hall or rooms which in the opinion of the Council or its officers will involve extra risk to the property.  No oil or substance of any inflammable nature will be allowed in any part of the hall.

14. The Council reserve the right to refuse any applicants the use of the halls.

15. Smoking is not allowed in any parts of the hall where notices are posted stating that smoking is prohibited.

16. The Council reserve the right to terminate the hiring immediately in the event of any breach of any of the foregoing conditions, or failure of the hirer to observe the reasonable directions of an officer of the Council or the caretaker and to retain any sums paid for the hiring whether the period of the hiring be completed or not at the time of such termination.

17. All hiring’s are subject to cancellation in the event of the hall or rooms being required by the Council for their own use.

18. Special applications must be made for the use of the Council’s piano.  It will not be available without the specific permission of the Council.

19. Special application must be made for the use of the Council’s organ and amplifier.  It will not be available without the specific permission of the Council and the proper fee paid.

20. All fire and emergency exits must be kept clear of tables, chairs and any other items.

21. All discarded items left from jumble sales, parties etc. must be removed from premises including balloons and banners.

22. Sandpits, bubble machines or ride on play bikes are NOT permitted in the Memorial Hall.

23. All tables and chairs must be returned to where they were found.

24. All plates, bowls, cups and cutlery must be clean and put away in cupboards and drawers.

25. All food waste and rubbish that you accumulate during the hiring must be bagged and taken home with you and NOT left on the premises.

26. The Council has the right to charge for Cleaning costs if the hall is left in an acceptable state of cleanliness after your booking.

27. The Clerk or authorised officers have the authority to use their discretion to refuse bookings.  This is in respect of hall users who damage or leave the halls in unacceptable standards of cleanliness. The customer has the right to appeal to the Full Council against the Officers decision.